We are buckling down to work, all the nuts and bolts of it; working on the grants, the budgets - papers and dollar signs flying around the office - getting the mailing lists corrected, putting the scores in order - rummaging through the boxes and the electronic files, making the calendar somewhat realistic. We’re even going into storage - braving the wall of props and sets and costumes, looking through it all with a keen eye to what can be thrown away.

And we are buckling up for wild flights of fancy into unknown territory. In ICELAND the Hiddenfolk are speaking in a new way that I am notating as fast as I can. The Giant and The Bird are entering the human dreams. The ancient Dragon is coiling around two people of our time who can hear just faintly the pure voices of these uncompromised creatures. In CYNOSEMMA, Hecuba is flailing in rage and sorrow, but fight fire with what? Because we don’t want to burn the place down. What new resolution, what new action to take? And coming back again, the always unknown new land of the SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION CHOIR - songs we all can create together, based specifically on who is there to sing. And the blessing of the Muse.

The buckling down makes it possible for us to buckle up for adventure.
Thanks for supporting both types of work ;-)

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