Cynosemma LA Times Review

Dear Friends,

We are riding high after our weekend of performances of Cynosemma: A Dirge From The Dog's Tomb at the Son of Semele theater. Thank you for those who were able to attend! We know the limited seating prevented many from seeing this initial workshop performance, so keep an eye out for when we premiere the final version of the piece in the early part of 2019.

I also wanted to share with you a wonderful review of the show from Mark Swed of the LA Times. In his review, he says, "The beauty of the finding where the differences lie between what is gray and what is silver, what is and what almost is."

Read The LA Times Review Here

Photo Credit: Gina Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times

Thanks again for being a part of this ongoing artistic journey. We hope to see you at the next performance!
O-Lan Jones

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