When New Ideas Appear

A new Idea is always a gift
just the right gift
the right puzzle to solve at a particular time in my life
A concept from somewhere else
that happens to mix with what I want to know
before I know I want to know it.


Twice I’ve been driving –
had to pull over to let the Idea sink in on its own time,
let it slow me down while it penetrated
found the answering lift inside me toward it.

One of my greatest joys is to be the guardian of these Ideas that show up out of the blue -

• What it means to take your place,
what are the powerful goddesses that can eat you up from the inside if you don’t
is the idea we looked into for The Woman Who Forgot Her Sweater

• Identity - How we feel the story of our lives, rather than the flimsy mental narrative we tend to tell is the idea investigated with 21 writers and 11 composers for Songs and Dances of Imaginary Lands

• What does it mean to be here, each alone, with access to the sacred on one hand and the ordinary on the other is at the heart of The Woman in the Wall

• Two protagonists on opposite trajectories that require Her to lose the defenses she’s acquired, and Him to reclaim the qualities he has lost - in order to find each other. ICELAND is still coming into focus, all the ideas still living as questions – Masculine? Feminine? Love? Unseen help? Scale of myth and the intimacy of human feeling?

I like to collaborate,
stretch the idea with a trusted other
where there is something similar enough in our sensibilities to amplify the call
and something different enough to keep the story itself honest.
The right kind of wrestling.

And it takes a village -
the collaboration expands as the initial idea becomes real
tethered to the world through all the artistic regalia
of the living breathing performers directors designers
The big ideas are generous, they provide so many angles of approach
that the meeting point is always new so the content is always current.
And often,
exactly the idea that all the artists involved are living through at the time.



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