ICELAND: The Hidden World

ICELAND: The Hidden World is a contemporary love story enmeshed in the mythic world of Iceland.

Vala falls off the map of the known world into the Dark Night of the Soul. Mundi, who has just met her at the airport, but feels an intense connection, goes to find her in the wilderness. They are helped by the Hiddenfolk, supernatural beings in a parallel world, who wish ardently for humans to find love because when people are in love they remember there is a Hidden World and connection between the two worlds opens. The Hiddenfolk evoke the Bird, The Bull, The Giant and The Dragon as needed to help the lovers in their quest.

Cynosemma: A Dirge From the Dog’s Tomb

Cynosemma is a primitive opera that explores the ceremonial roots of the Hecuba myth. The action is structured via five visceral rituals marked as “stations.” Part I presents the first three of these stations. Station One conjures a creation myth in the realm of women, Station Two wrestles with rigorous power shifts between the masculine and feminine, and Station Three struggles with revering the dual heroism and devastation of a pivotal sacrifice.

Songs and Dances of Imaginary Lands

Tom and Sue, a couple nearing the end of their lives, are victims of Identity Theft at the deepest levels. They visit the Social Services office to remedy this and are catapulted into the Lands of their childhood, adolescence and adulthood, separately and then together. These lands hold the Indigenous Dances of pivotal moments in each of their lives. Tom and Sue are not spectators in these Lands, they are immediately part of the dance that holds the life of that particular time. After their arduous journey through the 21 different lands, they find themselves together again in The Land With An Answer For Everything – our own world. This celebrates how memories are held in our bodies and feelings, rather than the mental narrative people fall back on to describe their lives. It was written by 21 librettists and 11 composers.

The Woman Who Forgot Her Sweater

A Woman receives word that her mother is dying and returns to her childhood home too late to say goodbye. While the Woman’s Husband flirts with her sister, The Overseer who has long cared for the family home steps out of his role as the caretaker and speaks directly to the Woman about the freedom and power available to her. He acts as a Shaman, walking between worlds, and gives her the courage to recognize the Lioness Goddesses that are calling her real name – inviting her to take her place and join their dance. They are the Queens of the Compelling Powers that can destroy from the inside. The Woman tries to avoid them, but for a moment finds the strength to take her place with them until fear makes her doubt herself. This is a cautionary tale.


Katy Cruel: A Play with Songs

Katy Cruel is an intense slice of life that takes place during the American Revolutionary War near the Battle of Camden. It is Inspired by the song Katy Cruel which the historical figure Katy Cruel wrote about her own life. It illuminates the complex culture of a rag-tag group of revolutionary soldiers and the women Camp Followers that travel with them. In these characters we see the beginnings of America: the farmer, the religious fanatic, the unwed mother, the African American who has escaped slavery, and the shadow of English aristocracy, looming over them all.