Join Overtone Industries for a presentation of selected lands from Songs & Dances of Imaginary Lands!


Wednesday June 5th, 7pm at Teatro Frida Kahlo

Friday June 7th, 7pm at Teatro Frida Kahlo, part of OperaFestLA

O-Lan Jones has gotten a lot of talented people to do a lot of disarming things on a grand scale. - Mark Swed, LA Times Classical Music Critic

This “imaginative,” and “ambitious” (L.A. Times) opera first made its world premiere in a vacant Culver City car dealership in 2010. The 25,000 square-foot establishment served as the only suitable backdrop for Tom and Sue, a couple nearing the end of their lives, to be catapulted into the Lands of their childhood, adolescence and adulthood after falling as victims of Identity Theft at the deepest levels. They visit the Social Services office to find a remedy and are launched separately into these imaginary lands and then brought together. 

The wondrous lands each create a unique world and hold the Indigenous Dances of pivotal moments in each of their lives. Tom and Sue are immediately participants in each dance that holds the essence of that particular time in their lives. After their arduous journey through the 21 lands, they find themselves together again in “The Land With An Answer For Everything” – our own world. This journey celebrates how memories are held in our bodies and feelings, rather than the mental narrative people fall back on to describe their lives. 

The work is a large scale, collaborative effort,  written by 21 librettists and 11 composers where everyone, the singers, the dancers, and even the audience, is on the move. 

See the TRAILER for Songs and Dances of Imaginary Lands Here

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