Spontaneous Combustion Choir

Spontaneous Combustion Choir is a method of improvisational chorale singing created by Artistic Director, O-Lan Jones. Miz Jones developed this system of singing and listening exercises over a number of years, working with trained and amateur singers in productions, performances, and workshops. The Spontaneous Combustion Choir singing method builds harmonic chords, weaves melodies, and integrates rhythms, with a group of singers using basic vowel sounds and no words; resulting in instant, cohesive, acapella chorale music.

There is an essential joy in singing together as a group, and creating vocal music with others in harmony and rhythm. A direct and intimate connection between people is created when we listen to each other’s voices and the intention of a fellow singer. Experiencing first hand our unique voice as part of a whole, and creating music greater than the sum of its parts, reaffirms our human connection in an uplifting way. We believe this program provides an opportunity for engagement and connection through the simple empathy that develops naturally between individuals working together and making creative choices as a group. Our community is therefore strengthened through the relationships of the individuals within it. There has been recent scientific evidence which states that not only is singing in a group an effective way to create social connection, it may even be good for the health of your heart. We believe being in touch with the natural music that emanates from our being is an essential joy, and we serve our community by providing this experience through the Spontaneous Combustion Choir arts engagement program.

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Listen to recordings of past Spontaneous Combustion Choir performances at soundcloud.com/overtoneind

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